On each campaign you launch, notifications are set to alert the campaign owner of campaign activity such as donations, fundraisers joined, and a daily summary. This helps admins to best keep tabs on your campaign and take action whenever needed.

You're able to add multiple admins to receive these notifications for each campaign. Here's how you can set up multiple admins to receive email notifications:

  1. Navigate to your campaign Settings
  2. In your General tab, scroll down to manage your Notifications
  3. In the "Notification Mail Recipients" text box, add the email addresses of any admins you'd like, separating each email address with a comma. 
  4. Save your Settings, now any campaign activity notifications will go to your admins!

By adding in multiple admins, you're able to break down silos and allow multiple departments to be notified of campaign activity so they can keep track of the campaign's progress and use the information to best plan communications.

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