How To Add An Offline Pledge (Legacy)
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Sometimes, your donors will want to pledge and pay installment payments with cash or check. You can easily add an offline pledge and track offline installment payments towards completion of the pledge.

Note: Installment payment receipts are not automatically sent for offline pledges. Installment payment receipts should be sent manually.

To add an offline pledge, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Under Manage select Pledges from the left navigation and select Add Offline Pledge on the right.

Step 2: Use the dropdown to assign it to a campaign. You can also assign the pledge to a personal or team page if applicable.

Enter the pledge terms including:

  • Total pledge amount

  • Period (number of payments)

  • Interval (monthly or annually)

  • Start date (in UTC time)

Step 3: Enter the donor name, donation display name and contact information, including postal if needed and Save in the lower right.

Your pledge should now be listed among all other online/offline pledges.

A number of installment invoices will automatically be created based on the defined pledge period and interval.

Remove An Offline Pledge

If you need to remove an offline pledge, you can navigate back to the pledges and select the desired offline pledge.

Under Actions, select Delete Pledge.

Note: All invoices and payments will be deleted. This action cannot be reversed.

If you have questions about offline pledges, email us at [email protected].

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