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How To Set Up Custom Ticketing Fields
How To Set Up Custom Ticketing Fields
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Custom fields allow you to ask ticket buyers questions and collect additional info on the second page of the ticketing form.

Custom fields are available on the Standard plan and above.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with this feature:

  • Sell multiple quantities of grouped tickets. (galas, golf/corporate events, raffles)

  • Enter in names and contact information for multiple attendees of an event under one buyer. (name, email, phone, postal)

  • Ask attendees for their t-shirt size if you’re running an athletic event.

  • Figure out where donors heard about your campaign/organization (through a friend, online, etc)

To set up custom ticketing fields, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your CauseVox Admin account and enter into your campaign's settings. Under Sites & Forms select, the titled or untitled form under Ticketing Forms.

Step 2: Select Custom Fields in the left navigation bar.

Step 3: Under Order or Ticket Custom Fields, select Create Custom Field to create your custom question.

Step 4 (Optional): Apply the custom question to specific tiers by restricting the tiers. Select tiers you want the question applied to by using the dropdown.

Step 5: Enter the Field Information, including the Field Label, Title, and Help Text.

Use the Title field to ask longer questions, which may pertain to waivers, for example.

Step 6: Select the Field Type from the dropdown, and add any additional help text which will pre-fill in the field and Save.

You can make the field required by checking off the Required checkbox.

Custom Fields

There are two different custom fields.

  • An order field is a question asked of the ticket buyer, and can be applied to all tickets in the entire order.

  • A ticket field is a question that will allow you to collect additional information for each individual ticket holder in the order. (Typically used for events like galas or tournaments in which grouped tickets are sold and each tier quantity represents 2 or more tickets.)

First Name, Last Name and Email Address are automatically collected for the number of tier quantities selected.

Here’s what Order Custom Fields look like on the ticketing form (located under buyer Contact Information):

In the above example, a text input custom field is added asking the ticket buyer how they would like their name displayed in the program and a checkbox noting if they'd like to receive updates.

Here’s what Ticket Custom Fields look like on the ticketing form (located under Ticket Information):

In the above example, 1 quantity of a 5-person ticket order was selected, and the ticket buyer can enter information for himself as well as the other 4 attendees' names and contact info.

Custom Field Types

Your custom fields can be one of serval formats.

  • Text Input - buyers write a short form response

  • Text Area - buyers write a long form response

  • Dropdown - buyers select from options provided

  • Checkbox - buyers check the box in agreement

Use Field Label to enter your question, then select a Field Type that helps donors best answer your question, and add values when appropriate.

For long questions, use the Title field to enter a sentence or paragraph question. Use the Help Text and Placeholder fields to provide additional guidance.

Additional Notes

  • Any question can be made required or optional, and checkbox fields can be checked by default.

  • You can use multiple field formats on one form, in any arrangement. All fields added will be visible on the second page of the form regardless of the tier or quantity selected by the ticket buyer.

  • You’ll be able to see a buyer's custom field answers on their ticket order record in CauseVox, as well as in the ticket export.

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