How To Clone Peer-to-Peer Pages
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Similar to cloning a campaign, you can clone personal, team or organization pages and apply the duplicates to the same existing campaign, or move them to other campaigns.

This is beneficial to remove steps for your fundraisers. Fundraisers can be connected to multiple or annual campaigns throughout the years while eliminating the sign up process each time.

To clone peer-to-peer pages, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the Manage tab and select Personal Pages, Team Pages or Organization Pages. Keyword search and select the page you'd like to clone.

Step 2: Select Actions >> Clone.

Step 3: Select the campaign you would like to copy the page to and Save.

  • The page can be cloned to a new or the existing campaign.

  • All donations and team/organization associations will not be copied over. You can reassign the donations to different pages within the campaign if needed.

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