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Can Admin Set Up Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages For People?
Can Admin Set Up Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages For People?
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We don't recommend admins set up personal fundraising pages for their fundraisers, since it's best they personalize it themselves! Once they set their own goal and put their own content on their page, they're much more likely to follow through to reach the goal.

However, it's really easy for fundraisers to set up their page on your campaign site. View our article How To Create A Personal Fundraising Page to see how they can do it.

However, you can do a few things to help make the setup process even quicker by:

  • Setting up a default fundraiser photo (usually a logo) in case they don't have a photo of themselves on hand to upload.

  • Set a recommended fundraiser goal, so they know around what goal they should aim for.

  • Input a default fundraiser appeal so they have an appeal to work off of and adapt to best fit them.

Here's what fields a fundraiser needs to fill in to set up their personal fundraising page account:

  • Email/Password

  • Display Name

  • Page Title

  • Photo of themselves (preferably something about 400px x 400px, as per our Media Guidelines)

  • Edit page URL Stub (automatically in the format: The name after the forward slash is editable by the fundraiser.

Once their page is created, here's how they can manage their Member Portal.

Admins are able to create team pages for the campaign, if applicable, which fundraisers can join to fundraise together.

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