How To Manage Team Fundraising Pages
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As a CauseVox Admin, you can manage team fundraising pages. This includes the ability to:

  • Create team fundraising pages to populate a fundraising website

  • Edit existing team fundraising pages, regardless of whether it was created by an Admin or by a participant.

  • Add or remove fundraisers with personal pages to a team.

  • Add or invite team admin (commonly a team captain) with editing capabilities for their team fundraising page.

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Create Team Fundraising Pages

To learn how to create a team page, visit this support article.

Edit Team Fundraising Pages

After logging in as a CauseVox Admin, go to Manage and select the appropriate campaign and filter by Team Pages.

Select the team page you'd like to modify. This takes you to the team page profile where you can edit the team fundraising page. Edits include:

  • Title of the page

  • Team name

  • Team stub (URL/link of the page)

  • Team fundraising goal

  • Team image (profile photo)

  • Team media gallery (set of images and video links)

  • Team description (fundraising appeal)

  • Team social sharing options

  • Team custom fields (if applicable)

Under Actions you can make administrative changes:

  • Disable Page: This will take their page offline but retain the data for viewing.

  • Delete Page: This will remove and delete the page completely.

  • Clone Page: Make a duplicate of the team page on a new or existing campaign/site. This will behave as a new team page with the same information. All donation and fundraiser associations will not be cloned. The original page will still remain.

  • Assign/Move: Relocate this team page to a different campaign/site without losing any donations, pledges, or recurring profiles associated with it. Please note that any personal pages added to this team will be removed during the process.

Add Or Remove Fundraisers

As a CauseVox Admin, you can add and remove members of a team fundraising page.

Add Fundraiser

To add a fundraiser to a team, navigate to the team page in the CauseVox Admin side. See process above.

Once in the team page profile, select the Fundraisers tab at the top, then select Add Personal Page. Choose the personal page to add to the team.

Remove Fundraiser

To remove a fundraiser from a team page, select on the fundraiser in the Members section of the team page. Select three dots on the far right and select Remove From Team.

  • You can clone a personal page to assign the page to different teams on one campaign.

  • Personal pages can be added, removed, cloned and transferred across campaigns at anytime.

Add Or Invite Team Admin

As a CauseVox Admin, you can add team admin. This is commonly used to assign "team captains" of a team. Administrators have the ability to edit page information and add/remove other admins.

By default, if a personal fundraising page participant creates a team fundraising page, they are set as a team admin.

Team admins have the ability to:

  • Edit team fundraising page details (title, name, stub, appeal, goal, etc.)

  • Export team fundraising page members

  • Export team fundraising page donations

  • Make a team member an team admin

  • Remove team admin access from members and other admins

To add or invite team admin, in the team page profile, select the Admins tab, then select Add/Invite Admin, enter their email to invite the user.

Existing users who have already signed up for your site will be added automatically. New users will be sent an invite to sign up and confirm their account.

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