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How To Edit The CauseVox Admin Account Profile
How To Edit The CauseVox Admin Account Profile
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If you want to change the account ownership or update your photo, name, email and password, you can easily change it in your account!

Step 1: Under your profile icon, select Edit Profile.

Step 2: Select Profile to upload or change the profile photo and first and last name of the account owner and Save.

Drag and drop or Browse to upload a photo. If you are replacing an existing photo, select the small x at the bottom of the photo to upload a new one.

Step 3: Select Change Email to update the email address and Save.

If the email you'd like to transfer ownership to is already in use as an admin on your account, email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to take care of transferring ownership for you.

Step 4: Select Change Password to change the account password and Save.

  • Please ensure the password is at least 6 characters long and does not include special characters.

  • CauseVox does not store passwords, so please ensure it is kept in a safe place.

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