What Is Your Free Trial?
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For Basic, Standard, Plus or Premium Plan users, you’ll be given access to a 7 day free trial period, where you’ll be able able to sign up for CauseVox for free (no credit card required).

After signup, you’ll have 7 days to explore CauseVox with no restrictions, create any type of fundraising site or donation page, and raise funds online before the monthly fees kick in.

7 Day Free Trial Details

Monthly fees, if applicable, begin when your 7 day free trial comes to an end.

You'll receive an email 3 days before your trial ends, giving you a chance to consider your next steps. Here’s how the process works:

  • If you have a valid card on file, your card will be charged your monthly fee. See our Pay-As-You-Go Plans article for monthly and platform fees.

  • If you're ready to complete setup of your campaign and/or launch it, and don’t have a card on file, you can login to add your credit card. You can add a card or upgrade at any time during your trial.

  • If you’re not looking to use CauseVox, you can also let your trial expire without a credit card on file. When your trial expires, the site won't be public, and your account will be suspended. You’ll be able to login and upgrade to paid service to continue to edit the site as you last left it.

CauseVox platform fees and credit card processing fees are active at all times during the 7 day trial period.

The Basic Plan has no monthly fee, regardless of how much you raise. Once the trial expires on the Basic plan, your service continues un interrupted, no further action is required to raise funds on the Basic, free plan.

How To Check Your Trial Status

For all users, you’re able to login at http://admin.causevox.com/login to view your free trial period status.

View your free trial period status on your Home page when you first login, or within the Billing section of your account.

If you have any questions about your account or your next steps, send us an email at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help!

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