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How To Migrate Recurring Donors To CauseVox
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You can seamlessly migrate your existing monthly recurring donors so that your donors don't need to reprocess their recurring gift.

Migrating your existing recurring donors allows you to transfer your monthly recurring donor data into CauseVox so that the donors will continue to be charged through CauseVox without any interruption.

Here's some benefits of donor migration:

  • Donors continue to be charged monthly without reprocessing their gift on the CauseVox donation form.

  • Donor charge date can remain the same or be updated.

  • Donor charge amount can remain the same or be updated.

  • Donors are charged with their existing credit card or ACH payments.

  • Donors can update their payment and credit card details through a secure authorization link.

  • Donors are automatically sent a customizable donation receipt.

  • You can include or update the donation tipping amount in the donor's charge amount.

  • Migrate unlimited number of donors.

  • We'll complete the migration for you!


In order to successfully migrate your monthly recurring donors you will need to verify the following:

  • Your recurring donors are Customers in your Stripe account.

  • Your recurring donors have a saved Payment Method in your Stripe account (credit card or ACH accepted).

If your recurring donors are Customers in Stripe with a credit card or bank account under Payment Method, then we will be able to migrate your donors to CauseVox.

To migrate your monthly recurring donors, follow the steps below:

Step 1: If you haven't created a campaign, you can create a donation form or fundraising site through Campaigns. Select the Create Beta Campaign button in the upper right and follow the prompts.

Step 2: Connect your Stripe account through the campaign settings >> Payment Processing.

Step 3: Locate the campaign URL to which the donation needs to be assigned. You will need to add this URL to the donor spreadsheet. You can find the campaign URL in the Campaign list, or the campaign settings.

Step 4: Create your spreadsheet. You should be able to export your recurring donor information from Stripe.

In order to migrate your monthly recurring donors, please provide us a formatted CSV or Excel file. The first row of your spreadsheet are the headings that correspond to a data field in each contact. Each additional row after the heading row will correspond to an individual contact.

There is currently no limit to the number of donors per uploaded spreadsheet.

Required Data Fields

The following required fields are listed below.

donation amount

  • The amount charged per month

donor first name

  • The first name of the recurring donor

donor last name

  • The last name of the recurring donor

donor email

  • The email of the recurring donor

charge date

  • The date the donor is charge per month

customer ID

  • The ID of the recurring donor

Step 5: Email the spreadsheet to [email protected] to complete the migration.

Additional Notes

  • Twice monthly recurring gifts are not currently supported. If your donor needs to be charged twice per month, we can create two (or more) recurring profiles for the donor.

  • All credit card and ACH charges will be charged automatically each month.

  • Once charged, ACH payments will be subject to a 'pending' state up to 5 business days.

If you have additional questions, you can email [email protected].

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