How To Access The Reports Tab
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To access reports, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your CauseVox Admin account at

Step 2: Select Reports (chart icon) on the left navigation. Use the dropdown at the top to view data from all campaigns or a specific campaign.

Select the data resource on the left navigation to view:

  • Donations

  • Peer-to-peer donations

  • Ticketing

Your data will auto update in real time. Simply select Refresh in the upper right corner for the most updated totals.

How Your Donation Totals Are Broken Down

One-time, recurring and pledge donations will display the following breakdowns:

Gross volume: This the gross amount of one-time, recurring or pledge donations. It is the total charge (intended donation + tip if any).

Displayed volume: This is the gross amount raised minus any tip/fees. It is the amount displayed on campaigns publicly.

Net volume: This is the gross amount raised minus any fees. This is the amount deposited directly into your bank account.

Pledge Reports

You have access to quick exports for the following pledge data:

  • Gross outstanding invoices

  • Past due

  • Due next 30 days

  • Due year end

Select View to see a complete list of pledge invoices and export each list directly.

Scroll down to view your cumulative total volume graphs and filter by date.

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