How To Export Pledge Data
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Export Pledge Data

To export the pledge data from CauseVox, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Under Manage, select the campaign using the dropdown at the top. Select Pledges from the left navigation and Export on the right.

Step 2: Customize your report by adding Available Columns to the Selected Columns. You can also remove any unnecessary data.

Step 3: Drag and drop the Selected Columns to create a custom order for your spreadsheet.

Step 4: Select Save as Preset to save your column configuration. The next time you run the report, you can select from the preset Dropdown at the top to load your saved column configuration.

Save unlimited presets to run multiple customized reports.

Step 5: Select from all records, or an active filter, All Dates, or a custom date range in UTC time, as well as the file format to download as a CSV or Excel file and select Download.

Step 6: Under Exports, view the progress of your exports ready for download, and download any current and historical exports.

Pledge Data

  • Pledge ID

  • Pledge Display Name

  • Pledge Company Name

  • Pledge First Name

  • Pledge Last Name

  • Pledge Email

  • Pledge Comment

  • Pledge Anonymous

  • Pledge Line 1

  • Pledge Line 2

  • Pledge City

  • Pledge State

  • Pledge Zip Code

  • Pledge Country

  • Pledge Tribute Type

  • Pledge Tribute Honoree

  • Pledge Tribute Message

  • Pledge Tribute Recipient

  • Pledge Tribute Method

  • Pledge Tribute Recipient Email

  • Pledge Total Amount (Gross)

  • Pledge Total Tip

  • Pledge Per Period Amount (Gross)

  • Pledge Interval

  • Pledge Period

  • Pledge Offline

  • Pledge Status

  • Pledge Currency Code

  • Pledge Giftaid

  • Pledge Tags

  • Pledge Created At

  • Pledge Gross Funds Raised

  • Pledge # Installment

  • Pledge Last Charged At

  • Personal Page ID

  • Personal Page Stub

  • Personal Page Display Name

  • Personal Page First Name

  • Personal Page Last Name

  • Personal Page Email

  • Personal Page Funding Goal

  • Personal Page Funding Progress

  • Personal Page # Donations

  • Personal Page # Pledges

  • Personal Page Tags

  • Personal Page Created At

  • Team Page ID

  • Team Page Stub

  • Team Page Name

  • Team Page Funding Goal

  • Team Page Funding Progress

  • Team Page # Donations

  • Team Page # Pledges

  • Team Page # Personal Pages

  • Team Page Admins

  • Team Page Tags

  • Team Page Created At

  • Org Page ID

  • Org Page Stub

  • Org Name

  • Org Page Funding Goal

  • Org Page Funding Progress

  • Org Page # Donations

  • Org Page # Pledges

  • Org Page # Personal Pages

  • Org Page Admins

  • Org Page Tags

  • Org Page Created At

  • Site ID

  • Site Name

  • Campaign ID

  • Campaign Name

Custom fields are automatically added to the export.

Filter Pledge Data

To view your pledge data with filters, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select Filter at the top.

Step 2: Apply any of the following filters and select Apply Filter:

  • Status: Active, Failed, Past Due, or Voided

  • Type: Automated or Offline

  • Tags: Any custom tags added

  • Date Range: All Dates, Date Before, Date After or Custom Date Range in UTC time

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