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How The Fundraising CRM Works
How The Fundraising CRM Works
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With the CauseVox Fundraising CRM, you can have a centralized fundraising CRM that provides everything you need to easily organize, track, and grow relationships with your community of supporters and fundraisers.

Gone are the days you have to worry about manually managing your donor data and reconciling spreadsheets. With CauseVox Fundraising CRM, we make it easy for you by automatically keeping track of your community so you can spend your time building relationships with them.

Manage Contacts

Looking for a particular donor? You can search and select contact records from your Contacts to view their profile.

The profile pages centralize and track donations, pledges, fundraising activities, and engagement in real-time, helping you get to know your supporters.

When you access a contact’s profile, you can see data including:

  • Contact First Name, Last Name

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Contact Address

  • Donations Made

  • Recurring Profiles

  • Installment Payments Made

  • Pledges

  • Personal Fundraising Pages

  • Team Fundraising Pages

  • Tickets

  • Ticket Orders

  • Posts

  • +more

For a complete list, under Manage, select the data you wish to view and you can export on the right.

Select the ellipses Quick Actions on the right to refund donations or move them to other personal or team pages.

Should you need to update a contact photo, name, email, phone, or address, you’re able to easily edit a contact record.

You're able to make notes on Contacts to help you keep track of activity or other comments on members of your community.

A few things you may want to note are:

  • Significant dates for them, like birthdays

  • In-kind donations

  • Reasons why they have cancelled a recurring donation, didn't fundraise, etc

  • Interactions you have with the contact outside of CauseVox (contents of emails, phone calls, or in person conversations)

In the contact's activity feed, you can see all recent activity including:

  • New donations/pledges

  • New personal fundraising pages created

  • Donations made to a personal fundraising page

  • Recent updates to a personal fundraising page

  • New ticket purchases

  • New blog post updates

Filter the view by activity type and a date range, and use the popover for a quick information view and cross reference.

Importing Contacts

We make it easy for you to add and import contacts into CauseVox so you can keep track of the activity of your community online over time.

The CauseVox Fundraising CRM frees you up. By having all your data saved in one place, it not only saves you time but also helps keep all your data easily accessible and organized, giving you more time to spend on engaging your community.

Have questions about the Fundraising CRM? Email us at [email protected].

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