Zapier is a free tool that allows CauseVox to share data automatically with your other software that you use. This will make updating donors, nurturing fundraisers, and running a campaign easier and faster.

Our Zapier integration connects your fundraising campaigns on CauseVox with 1500+ other online tools that you use (ex. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Kindful etc).

Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Nurture your donors and fundraisers automatically by sending over CauseVox contacts to your email newsletter service.

  • Your bookkeeper can save administration time by having your data automatically transferred over to your CRM (ex. Salesforce) and accounting software.

  • Or you can keep updated on your campaign progress through notifications via SMS, email, and Slack.

What tools can I connect to CauseVox through Zapier?

There are 1500+ online tools that you can connect to Zapier. The common ones that most of our customers use are Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Quickbooks, and Slack. To view the whole list, see here.

How does Zapier work?

In Zapier, you create customizable Zaps with no coding or IT required. Zap is a specific link between two services you've connected on Zapier. For example, New CauseVox Donors to Add Salesforce Contact would be an example of a Zap.

Do I need to pay for Zapier?

Zapier includes a generous Free Plan that you can start with. 

To access premium integrations like Salesforce, you'll need to subscribe to the "For Work" plan which is $20/month (month by month, no contracts), but for nonprofits can receive a free Starter account to enjoy all of Zapier’s premium features. Nonprofits also can receive a 15% discount on all their plans.

During this private use period, there is no fee by CauseVox to use Zapier.

How do I get access to Zapier?

To request access, email [email protected] with the following:

  • Your CauseVox account email address.

  • Your Zapier account email address (so we can private invite you)

How to setup Zapier

Zaps are set up by campaign site in CauseVox so that you can create different actions for different triggers.

Let’s say you want to create a Zap so that donor email addresses on campaign on CauseVox are sent to your Mailchimp list.

After receiving private access in your account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Zap in Zapier and find CauseVox as the Trigger.

Step 2: Grab the API key in your CauseVox account and paste it into Zapier to authenticate your account: Account Settings >> Integrations >> API Key.

Step 3: Find your campaign that you want to send donor email addresses from.

Step 4: Create your Action in Zapier by mapping the fields.

Step 5: Turn your Zap on.

Now all future donor email addresses on your campaign will show up in the Mailchimp list that you specified.

For more specifics on how you can set up a Zapier integration, take a look at the corresponding articles:

How To Automatically Push CauseVox Data into:

You can also view this snazzy video from Jeff, our CTO.

I want to connect CauseVox to something else.

Using the Zapier webhooks app with CauseVox may be able to meet your needs. 

What data can I send out of CauseVox?

At this time, you can send out all Donor and Fundraiser data that is collected on your campaign. Basically anything that you get on your manual exports on CauseVox, you can send out via Zapier.

This includes:

Is this automatic?

Yes, once you set up your Zapier integration with CauseVox, then data automagically gets sent over to your other tools.

I have feedback or features requests. Who should I talk to?

Want additional data or triggers? We’d love to hear your feedback via [email protected].

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