Through Zapier, you’re able to integrate CauseVox with 4000+ applications, including Salesforce, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Bloomerang, and more.

You’re able to easily set up Zapier to push your donation data in your preferred application automatically, no coding or IT person needed.

You’re able to create triggers to pull CauseVox data into your application based on:

  • New Donation - Triggers when a new donation is created.

  • New Installment - Triggers when a new installment is created.

  • New Installment Profile - Triggers when a new installment profile is created.

  • New Personal Page - Triggers when a new personal fundraiser page is created.

  • New Recurring Profile - Triggers when a new recurring profile is created.

  • New Team Page - Triggers when a new team fundraising page is created.

  • New Ticket - Triggers when a new ticket is created.

  • New Ticket Order - Triggers when a new ticket order is created.

  • Update Personal Page - Triggers when a personal fundraising page is updated, aggregate information is updated (new donation that increases total, etc), or a team is joined/left.

  • Update Team Page - Triggers when a team fundraising page is updated, aggregate information is updated ( new donation that increases total, etc).

While there is a free version of Zapier, Zapier also offers nonprofits the ability to receive a 15% discount on any paid account to enjoy all of Zapier’s premium features.

Here’s a look at how you can integrate CauseVox with your Bloomerang account through Zapier:

Note: This process may be easiest if you make a small donation to your campaign first, so you have donation data to test.

Step 1: Login to your Zapier account or create a new account.

Step 2: Navigate to My Apps from the top left menu bar.

Step 3: Select Add Connection and search for CauseVox.

Step 4: Use your CauseVox API Key to connect your CauseVox account to Zapier. You will find a long code in the Integrations section of your Organization Settings.

Login to your CauseVox account and select Organization Settings >> Integrations >> API Key.

Copy the code and past it into Zapier and Continue.

Step 5: Use the left navigation to Create Zap, or select Zaps to access existing Zaps.

Step 6: Use the search to set CauseVox as your Trigger App.

Step 7: Select the Trigger Event.

CauseVox allows you to automatically push the following data (Trigger Events) on an organizational level:

  • Donations (online and offline donations)

  • Recurring profiles

  • Pledge Now, Pay Later Installments

  • Pledge Now, Pay Later Installment profiles

  • Ticket orders

  • Tickets

  • Team pages

  • Personal pages

With more on the way!

Step 8: Select your CauseVox account and Continue.

Step 9: Test your Trigger. A sample donation will show up, usually the last donation processed in CauseVox. At this point it will show that the text is successful and you can Continue.

Step 10 (Optional): Move data from a specific campaign by selecting the plus (+) icon after the Trigger. Select Filter to specify a campaign URL or any other filter options listed.

Ex. "Campaign URL" >> "Contains" >> [paste the CauseVox campaign URL without the https://.../] ""

Step 11: When completed, the CauseVox and Zapier integration should be completed. Now, you need to add an action step to push the data into Bloomerang. Select the plus (+) icon below.

Step 12: Search for Bloomerang. Bloomerang identifies individuals by their account ID. First choose the Find Constituent event.

Step 13: Enter your Bloomerang account info and login.

Step 14: Enter all required fields to identify your constituent in Bloomerang: Type (individual), First Name, Last Name.

Step 15: Select Continue and Test your Action. Once completed, you should see a “Test Successful” notification. Then, select Continue.

Step 16: Select the plus (+) icon to create another Action. This Action can determine the type of data you'd like created in Bloomerang.

Select Continue to login to your Bloomerang account again.

Step 17: Set up the action. In this step you’ll have the opportunity to edit your template to map all required and additional fields. This will control which sections the CauseVox data will be automatically pushed into Bloomerang.

Note: For the required Constituent field, select Choose field and select the "Find Constituent" Action that you created in the previous step. Then select the constituent ID from the Bloomerang fields provided.

Step 18: Similarly, you’ll want to map the appropriate fields for the transaction.

Suggested fields:

  • Pull the Constituent ID from Bloomerang so the donation is attributed to your donor. (required)

  • Date >> Created At

  • Method >> Credit Card

  • Amount >> Amount

  • Fund (select the fund you'd like it attributed to)

  • Acknowledgment Status >> Yes

Step 19: Once all required fields are mapped, select Continue to test the Action. Once completed, you should see a “Test Successful” notification.

Step 20: Once your second action is tested and completed, you’ll be prompted to turn on your Zap. Just switch the Zap from off to on, and your integration will be up and running seamlessly.

Additional Notes

  • If your test Action(s) are unsuccessful, it's best to remove any filters to determine the error. We recommending systematically identifying the required fields and remapping where necessary. Once the test is successful, you can add in additional filters and map additional fields.

  • You can create manual donations in CauseVox in order to test your published Zaps, or feel free to process low donation values as low as $1.

If you have any additional questions about setting up your Zapier integration, email us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help!

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