Donations Using Apple or Google Pay
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Your CauseVox donation page is mobile and conversion-optimized, allowing your donors to give on any device, using their preferred payment method, including Apple or Google Pay! 

Using their smart phones, your donors can enter their credit card information and save it to the device so that it's automatically entered when they make a donation. If your donors have enabled this feature, they won't need to take out their credit card to donate, allowing them to complete their donation in less then 1 minute!

The Apple/Google Pay option is automatically added within the Payment Information section of your donation page when you process donations through Stripe. Safari web browsers will default to Apple payments, while Google Chrome will default to Google payments.

Here's a look at the donation experience:

Step 1: Select Donate to make a donation.

Step 2: Select a donation amount from the pre-selected giving tiers, opt to add a donation tip to cover transaction fees, then select Next.

Step 3:  Enter name, email and any additional comments. The option to subscribe to updates from your organization can be selected by default, which donors can change accordingly. If your donors navigate away from the page in the middle of completing their donation, don't worry! Our smart forms allow your donors to pick up right where they left off - no need to reenter their donation selection or contact info!

Step 4: Select the Apple or Google Pay option and confirm the card on file.

Step 5: Process completes, and donors have the option to share the donation page across social media.

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