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How To Use Custom Donation Fields For Event Registration (Legacy)
How To Use Custom Donation Fields For Event Registration (Legacy)
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With Custom Donation Fields, you're able to gather the information you need for registration to your next fundraising event. Whether it's a gala, a volunteer day, or a competition, take a look at how you can set up Custom Donation Fields in a way where you can use CauseVox for your event registration.

Our Custom Donation Fields allows you to have questions answered in 5 formats:

  • Text Line- donors write a short form response

  • Text Box- donors write a long form response

  • Dropdown Menu- donors select from options provided

  • Checkbox- donors check the box in agreement

  • Radio- donors are forced to choose one of the options

With these flexible response forms, you can gather a lot of different types of information. And, with the option to make each response required or not, you can tailor the custom fields to fit your needs.

Typically, event registrations use a combination of Donation Tiers and Custom Donation Fields.

Here's 4 Ideas For Using Custom Donation Fields For Event Registration

1. T-Shirt Distribution

If you want to distribute t-shirts as part of your event registration, you can use your donation tiers and custom donation fields to gather the required information.

In the donation tier, you can choose to specify that a t-shirt is included with a certain level of giving for registration.

Next, you can customize your donation form so that the donor can choose what t-shirt size they'd like, and even preferred method of delivery, in a drop down menu. Since the donation form already collects donor's shipping address, you'll have what you need to add the donor to their list of registrants and send the right size t-shirt out.

2. Agreeing To A Release Waiver

In the case where there is a physical activity and there is some risk involved that could be a liability, you can also set up a release waiver as part of your custom donation field.

Using a normal custom field, create a checkbox agreement with a linked waiver will allow your organization to communicate risks and ensure agreement from participants. 

You can host your waiver on your campaign site's blog, create a checkbox custom donation field, and link your blog post in the Help Text. While the link does take a little code to make it live, you can use this example below to link your waiver:

Before checking the above box, please ensure that you have read the full <a href="" target="_blank" data-bypass="true">waiver</a>

3. Event Ticketing

For events that have various levels of seating or numbers of registrants, like a gala, here's an example of how your donation tiers and custom fields could be set up:

With Donation Tiers, you can specify the price of any number of entries.

With a normal Custom Donation Field, you can then request they specify the number of tickets being reserved.

Then, a repeating custom field can be set up requesting  information about the guest. All this information is stored in a downloadable form.

4. Special Entry Information

If you have an event that is one fee, but you have different options for participants to choose, you can use Donation Custom Fields to sort them.

You can use the Radio question format (or the Dropdown Menu) for donors to select their preferred event experience.

In summation, here's a list of custom donation fields that can be set up to help you collect the information you need for your event registration:

  • Number of participants

  • Name of additional participants

  • Email for additional participants

  • Address for additional participants

  • Phone number

  • T-shirt sizes

  • Method of t-shirt delivery

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Special entry information

  • Waiver Checkbox

  • Method of ticket delivery

And many more!

For additional questions or a request for examples, please email [email protected]

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