Advanced Customizable Tiers (Legacy)

Get more donations with Simple, Recurring, and Rearrangeable tiers.

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CauseVox gives your donors a faster donation experience to convert more donors.

Here are all the details to help you take advantage of our Simple and Recurring Donation Tiers to help you get more donations.

Simple Tiers for Faster Donations

Make donating as fast as possible with Simple Tiers:

  • A shorter form – no descriptions required!

  • Enhanced UI for the easiest donor experience, especially on mobile devices.

  • Flexible tier options so you can tailor your donation page for your needs.

  • A faster, simplified process so you get more donors completing their donation.

Recurring Donation Tiers to Optimize Gift Size​

Convert more recurring donors with Recurring Tiers:

  • Set up the perfect gift sizes to convert more recurring donors on your donation form.

  • Increase recurring donor gift sizes, helping increase overall digital giving all year long.

  • Customize the giving experience for your recurring donors.

Rearrangeable Tiers To Highlight Donation Amounts

Our flexible tiers give you the option to rearrange the order of your tiers to highlight specific tier amounts and optimize donation size. You can order the amounts from greatest to least, least to greatest or an order that is specific to your needs!

Convert more recurring donors with Rearrangeable Tiers:

  • Order the donation amounts from greatest to least, least to greatest, or an order that is specific to your needs.

  • Draw donor attention to your most important tiers!

  • Quickly and easily rearrange your tiers as many times as you'd like.

Get rid of your clunky, outdated form, and replace it with CauseVox Embeddable Donation Pages.

If you have questions about our advanced donation tiers, you can email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help!

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