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Customize your tiers to match your fundraising needs.

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CauseVox's customizable donation tiers help you convert more donations through a faster and highly optimized donation process.

Your smart donation form can default to one-time, or monthly recurring donations, allowing both one-time and recurring donors to choose from one of the customizable, pre-selected giving tiers. 

One-time Donation Tiers

One-time donation tiers are perfect for your virtual walk, race, luncheon, or event-specific peer-to-peer or crowdfunding campaign. Create at least 3-6 donation amounts, and add your optional descriptions to tie the donation to impact. 

These suggested levels of giving will help donors decide what to give on the donation form. Donors are also able to add their own amount, if they wish.

Monthly Recurring Donation Tiers

You can give your donors the option of making a monthly recurring gift, easily turning a small donation into a consistent stream of donations throughout the year and optimize for recurring gift size on its own. Donation tiers are tied together with our fundraising automation and reporting tools, saving you time on administrative tasks, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Monthly recurring options are great for long-term campaigns or embedding the donation page onto your website.

Setting up recurring donation tiers is a simple process that allows you to feature different amounts and descriptions than the one-time donation tiers.

Descriptive Tiers

Adding descriptions to your tiers, as shown above, is the perfect tool to show your donors the impact their donation is making. However, if you prefer a quicker, more streamlined option, consider simple tiers.

Simple Tiers

Simple tiers make it even faster to complete a donation from start to finish by reducing text clutter, and enhancing donor experience. Donors can quickly choose between this simple selection of giving tiers.

You also have the option to let your donors cover your transaction fees. Learn more about optional donation tipping.

Rearrangeable Tiers

Our flexible tiers give you the option to rearrange the order of your tiers. You can order the amounts from greatest to least, least to greatest, or an order that is specific to your needs!

If you have questions about our donation tiers, you can email us at [email protected]

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