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Get more donations with Donation Page embeds.

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The accessibility of your donation form is pivotal to the success of your digital fundraising. If you want more donors, you need donors to easily see and use your donation page.
Luckily, the CauseVox donation page can be embedded right onto your website, allowing you to prominently display it by linking it to a button, embedding it directly on a page or embedding it as a pup-up page.

Here are a couple examples of what your embedded donation page can look like:

On-Page Embed

Pop-Up Embed

Make donating as clean as possible with Donation Page Embeds:

  • Streamlined form for enhanced user experience.

  • Keeps donors on your website!

  • Great for recurring gifts and sustained annual revenue.

  • It's a quick process to easily embed your page--no IT needed.

Learn more about how Donation Page Embeds work.

If you have questions about embedding your donation page, you can email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help!

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