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How To Manage Pledges (Legacy)
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Once you have set up Pledges through your Donation Form settings, your donors can opt in to become pledge donors by selecting the Make a Pledge tier on the donation form.

Your donor can update their credit card or cancel their pledge using a secure link to their member portal provided in their receipts.

Cancel A Pledge

If your donor contacts you requesting to cancel their automated pledge, you can do so for them.

Step 1: Under Manage, select Pledges from the left navigation, then select the profile you wish to cancel.

You can also search by donor name or email address in the search bar.

Step 2: Under Actions, select Void Pledge, and Confirm.

All future payments will be stopped and the pledge will be marked as uncollectible.

Update Information

Your donor may also want to update their payment information.

If your pledge donor wants to update their name, address or payment information, you can send them a secure portal link which allows them to log in to their member portal and update their information.

To do this, just select Actions >> Send portal link.

Or you can update the payment details for them by selecting Actions >> Update payment details.

Additional Notes

  • To cancel an offline pledge, you can void or delete the pledge to delete all invoices and payments.

  • To cancel an automated pledge, voiding the pledge will not refund installment payments made. Any paid installments must be manually refunded.

  • Voiding and deleting pledges cannot be reversed and will remove the pledge from counting in totals.

If a donor wishes to change the email address for their automated pledge, email us at [email protected].

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