How To Set Up Ticket Receipts
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Event ticketing is available on the Standard plan and above.

To set up ticket receipts, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to your Campaigns and select the settings of the campaign you wish to edit.

Step 2: Under Sites & Forms, select the ticket form.

Step 3: Select Ticket Order Receipt, and/or Ticket Receipt from the left navigation.

The Ticket Order Receipt is sent to the ticket buyer. Ticket Receipts are sent to all ticket holders in the order.

Step 4: Edit your email content and Save in the lower right. You can also send a test email receipt to the account email.

Learn how to write a great ticket receipt for your nonprofit fundraising event.

Add Additional Receipt Content

Add additional content to your order or ticket receipt only when a specific tier is purchased.
For instance, if you have two ticket tiers (A & B) and ticket A requires directions to a venue, you can use this feature to add directions to the receipt for purchases of ticket A.

To add descriptions when a specific tier is purchased, follow the additional steps:

Step 1: Select Ticketing Tiers on the left navigation and then select the pencil icon of the desired tier.

Step 2: Scroll down to Add Additional Content to add the tier-specific descriptions. You can add order receipt content and/or ticket receipt content and Save.

For more information on event ticketing, email [email protected].

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