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Overview: Member Portal
Overview: Member Portal
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The Member Portal stands as a unified hub serving the diverse needs of donors, fundraisers, and key supporters within an organization. It consolidates donation and fundraising data into a single, comprehensive interface, creating a seamless experience for all users.

Supporters create one account to track both their giving and fundraising activities. The user gains access to the account when they process their first transaction on CauseVox:

  • Processing a recurring gift or pledge OR

  • Signing up as a fundraiser

Once they've created their account, they can login at any time to manage their donation history and fundraising pages.

Below is a brief overview of the portal functionality for donors and fundraisers.

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How It Works For Donors

Within the Member Portal, recurring and pledge donors oversee their giving history comprehensively by tracking donations, updating payment information, and managing recurring gifts—all from a singular, user-friendly interface.

How To Access The Portal

After processing their first recurring donation or pledge installment payment, the donor receives an automated donation receipt with a secure portal link.

Your donors can use a secure portal link to login and update credit card or other payment details.


Donors will automatically be sent the secure portal link prompting them to update their payment information on file after every:

  • Initial donation processed.

  • Consecutive donation processed.

  • Failed credit card/payment.

How To Update Details

Donors can select a donation profile and modify the following:

  • Update payment method or cancel recurring donations and pledges

  • Update donation amount (Recurring donations only)

  • Update donation display information

  • Update anonymous donations

  • Update postal information

Changing donation amount is not currently available with pledge installment payments.

Donors updating payment method select one of our flexible payments:

  • Credit card/debit card

  • ACH bank transfer (available for US bank accounts only)

  • Apple/Google Pay

How It Works For Fundraisers

Fundraisers can create personal, team and organization fundraising pages to:

  • Manage and customize pages

  • Track funding progress in real time

  • Access historical fundraising data across multiple campaigns

  • Export donor data

How To Access The Portal

Fundraisers sign up on the fundraising site using an email and password to create their account. They can login through the fundraising site to make changes at any time.

Once they access their fundraiser dashboard, they will be able to update their account profile name and photo, and create pages connected to your organization's fundraising sites.

How To Create Pages And Manage Fundraising

Personal fundraisers as well as team and organization admin can create any number of personal, team and organization pages connected to fundraising sites within their account.

They will have the opportunity to modify the following page elements:

  • Display name

  • Media gallery images and videos

  • Profile image

  • Page end date

  • Funding goal

  • Appeal text

  • Any custom questions asked upon sign up

Personal fundraisers, team and organization admin can view funding progress in real time and export donation data.

Additional Notes

For access to the Member Portal or if you have additional questions, contact us at [email protected].

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