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Introduction To CauseVox
Introduction To CauseVox
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CauseVox is a digital fundraising platform that helps you create customizable donation pages and fundraising sites tailored to your brand so you can secure more donors over time.

For more information on how you can use CauseVox to manage your fundraising and supporters, visit us at You can also schedule a demo or feel free to leave us a message by emailing [email protected].

Why Use It?

CauseVox helps you raise funds easily and manage all your fundraising in one place.

Seamless Donations

We know that having a dynamic donation form is critical to your fundraising success, so we provide fully-branded pages with streamlined forms equipped with multiple quick checkout options (Apple Pay, Venmo, ACH).

Easily customize the look and feel of your donation page or fundraising site (with no coding) so that it caters to your specific cause and sets your campaign site apart. There’s no need to hire a web developer or designer.

Empower Active Participation

We believe that you can grow your giving by building your community, and we've specially designed the platform to help you inspire, activate, and rally your community for fundraising. Facilitate peer-to-peer fundraising with brand-centric sites and mobile-optimized forms, that drive new donors.

For example, with our peer-to-peer fundraising capability, you're able to activate supporters to create personal pages, organize into teams, and rally local or supporting organizations to fundraise for your cause. We've seen that peer-to-peer fundraising helps you raise 2x as much as those that don't use this fundraising approach.

Boost Event Engagement

Drive ticket sales for fundraising events with an integrated ticketing form. Your supporters can purchase tickets, make donations and fundraise for the cause all on one streamlined fundraising site.

Data-Driven Decisions

Benefit from real-time reporting, automated integrations, and streamlined data management to steward donors in less time.

Who Can Use It?

CauseVox is specifically designed to help small to medium nonprofit fundraising teams grow their fundraising.

However, anyone can use CauseVox, whether you're a nonprofit, a group, or an individual with a cause. You don’t have to be a 501c3, and even if you are not in the USA or Canada, CauseVox can still work for you.

If you are from outside North America, please note that you must be able to have a PayPal or Stripe account in order to use CauseVox.

What Is A CauseVox Fundraising Site?

A CauseVox Fundraising Site is a customized, full-featured fundraising website that you create with the CauseVox platform. It has powerful fundraising tools to help you share your cause and raise donations.

What Are Personal Fundraising Pages?

Personal fundraising pages are sub-pages under your main site that allow other individuals to help you raise funds for your campaign. They will have their own fundraising page, and all donations made on those pages will be collected and go directly to your main campaign.

What Are Team Fundraising Pages?

Team Fundraising Pages are the profile pages of groups of personal fundraising pages under your main campaign site. In this way, fundraisers can form teams and monitor their progress together.

What Are Organization Fundraising Pages?

Organization Fundraising Pages are the profile pages of local or sponsoring organizations under your main campaign site. Organizations can encourage others to learn about the cause and fundraise. Fundraisers can join the organization page and contribute to their fundraising goals.

What Is The Difference Between An Admin And Member Portal Account?

We have two types of accounts:

  1. CauseVox Administrative

  2. CauseVox Member Portal

CauseVox administrative, or admin for short, accounts are "master accounts." You'll login to to sign-up, customize, launch, and manage your fundraising site.

Member Portal accounts are what your supporters use to create a fundraising page within your fundraising site. Fundraisers sign-up by selecting Sign Up on your site after it is launched.

We call this personal, team and organization fundraising. Peer-to-peer fundraising is an optional feature for each site. Fundraisers log in on your CauseVox fundraising site to gain access to their site dashboard and Member Portal.

Recurring and pledge donors can also login to the Member Portal to track their giving history and manage payment details.

All donations raised by fundraisers go into the donation processing account you specify in the Site Settings of your CauseVox admin.

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