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What Integration Options Does CauseVox Offer?
What Integration Options Does CauseVox Offer?
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Your CauseVox fundraising site is a standalone site, but there are options for making sure the site info you'd like is displayed in the right places!

Website Integration

You can seamlessly connect your donation form and fundraising site directly to your website to enhance your donor and participant experience in few ways:

Use A Custom Domain

Your fundraising site is able to live on a custom subdomain ( This helps donor feel that they're still on your website.

You're able to easily link to your fundraising site URL from your website, using any text, heading, or image as your anchor.

Embed The Donation Form

You're able to embed your donation form on your website easily as an on-page embed, or a pop-up light box as in the example below.

Learn how to embed the donation form directly on your website.

Widget Embeds

You can embed different elements of your fundraising site directly on your website or event micro site/landing page.

Widgets include:

  • Funding Progress Bar

  • Recent Donation List

  • Fundraiser Leaderboard

Widget codes are currently available on our Plus plan and above.

Donor Management Systems or CRMs

If you would like to export donor, fundraiser and ticketing data, you have a couple options detailed below.

Zapier integration

Zapier is a free tool that allows CauseVox to share data automatically with 4000+ applications like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Kindful, etc. This will make updating donors, nurturing fundraisers, and running a campaign easier and faster to save you time on admin.

Visit our Zapier support article for more information on how to connect to Zapier and the kind of data you can push into different tools!

Export Donation Data

Export your donation data and upload it into your CRM. Our excel spreadsheet is in a format that uploads well into donor management systems and CRMs.

The donation export includes the following fields:

  • Donation ID

  • Team Page ID

  • Team Page Stub

  • Team Name

  • Org Page ID

  • Org Page Stub

  • Org Name

  • Personal Page ID

  • Personal Page Stub

  • Personal Page Display Name

  • Personal Page First Name

  • Personal Page Last Name

  • Personal Page Email

  • Recurring Profile ID

  • Donor Display Name

  • Donor Company Name

  • Donor First Name

  • Donor Last Name

  • Donor Email

  • Donor Comment

  • Anonymous (Marked name and/or amount as anonymous from public view)

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

  • Country

  • Tribute Type

  • Tribute Honoree

  • Tribute Message

  • Tribute Recipient

  • Tribute Method

  • Tribute Recipient Email

  • Donation Amount (Gross)

  • Tip (Cover transaction fees)

  • Transaction ID

  • Transaction Amount Captured

  • Transaction Amount Refunded

  • Transaction CC Fee

  • Transaction CC Fee Estimated?

  • Transaction CauseVox Fee

  • Type

  • Status

  • Stripe Payment Method

  • Stripe Payment Status

  • Currency Code

  • Subscribed (Opted in for email updates)

  • Giftaid

  • Site Title

  • Campaign Name

  • Created At Date

  • Custom Fields (if added to the donation page)

Visit our Data & Exports support articles for more information on the type of data you can export.


For a team that has a developer handy, we push donor data into the Stripe metadata that you can pull into your CRM using webhooks.

It's important to keep track of your data in between one platform and another, so we provide the following fields in Stripe's metadata for each donation:

  • first name

  • last name

  • email

  • amount

  • campaign name

  • address

  • city

  • state

  • zipcode

  • country

  • page url the donation came through

Stripe also has a Zapier integration, letting you pull some donor info from your Stripe account into other platforms you may be using, such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, or Constant Contact + 4000 more!

Data access is currently available on our Standard plan and above.

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