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FAQ: Personal & Team Pages (For Admins)
FAQ: Personal & Team Pages (For Admins)
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What Are Personal Fundraising Pages?

Please see our FAQ support article.

How Do You Enable Personal And Team Fundraising?

How Are Personal Fundraising Page Amounts Counted On The Main Campaign Site?

Donations collected by personal fundraising pages go directly to the Stripe or PayPal account you connect to the campaign, and are are added up and displayed on the main campaign site's donation counter.

How Do I Disable Or Delete A Personal Fundraising Page?

Only CauseVox admins can disable or delete a personal fundraising page by following these steps:

  1. Go to the CauseVox admin

  2. Login with your CauseVox admin account email address

  3. Select your Manage tab

  4. Select Personal Pages

  5. Select the individual you are looking to disable or delete

  6. Select Actions >> Disable Page or Delete Page

  • Disable Page: This hides the page from the fundraising site. All data is preserved. The page can be re-enabled.

  • Delete Page: This deletes the user’s page, but their account will still be in the CauseVox system for future use. Users can still use their email address and password to create a new page. This action cannot be reversed.

How Do Team Pages Work?

Team pages can be created by admins or by personal fundraisers, and they allow personal fundraisers to fundraise together. These are best used for competition based fundraising campaigns or by grouping fundraisers regionally.

Fundraisers have the opportunity to join a team while they create their page, or they can always create their own or join a team later.

The team goal is set by the team creator and/or team admin, and an aggregate of all the blog posts is displayed on team pages.

How Do You Create Or Delete Teams?

As A CauseVox Admin

CauseVox admins can pre-populate a listing of teams their fundraising site by following these steps:

  1. Go to the CauseVox admin

  2. Login with your CauseVox admin account email address

  3. Select your Manage tab

  4. Select Team Pages

  5. Select Create Team and enter in the team info

CauseVox admins can manage individuals in teams by following instructions on our support article, Managing Team Fundraising Pages.

As An Individual Fundraiser

Personal fundraising page users can create or join teams by following these steps:

  1. Login to your CauseVox personal fundraising page

  2. Select + Create New Team Page and enter in the team info.

For more information, read the full support article on How to Create Or Join Team Pages.

Can Individuals Join More Than One Team?

Individuals can have their pages cloned in order to be assigned to multiple Team Pages on one fundraising site. Learn more about Cloning Peer-to-Peer Pages.

How Do You Create A Personal Fundraising Page?

  1. Go to your CauseVox fundraising site

  2. Select the Sign Up button

  3. Sign up for an fundraising page account

  4. Follow the easy setup wizard to complete the page

If you need to create a personal fundraising page on a user’s behalf, you can manually do it by following the above steps and giving the login information to the user.

Can Fundraisers Create A Team Without Having A Personal Fundraising Page?

Individual fundraisers must create a personal fundraising page in order to create or join a team. CauseVox account admin can always create team pages in the CauseVox Admin Interface without having their own personal page.

Can You Donate Directly To A Team?

Yes, donors can donate directly to team pages!

How Do You Change The Team Fundraising Goal?

The team fundraising goal is set by the team creator and/or the team admin. Here's more info about how you can set the team goal.

Where Do I Go To Edit The Personal Or Team Fundraising Page Design?

CauseVox admins can customize the site content area by adding and rearranging the site modules for personal and team pages. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the CauseVox admin

  2. Login with your CauseVox admin account email address

  3. Select your Campaigns >> Site Settings >> Design

  4. Add site modules to the desired peer-to-peer site pages

For more information, please read our support article on How To Add Modules To Site Pages.

How Do I Enter A Default Or Template Appeal For Personal Fundraising Pages?

CauseVox admins can set a default fundraising appeal in the Site Editor. For more information, please see our full support article on How To Set Up The Default Fundraiser Appeal.

How do I create a test fundraising page as an admin?

As an admin, you should first enable your CauseVox fundraising site and then create a test personal fundraising page on your fundraising site. After you have a good feel of what it is like, then you can delete the test personal page and take your fundraising site offline.

Where Do The Funds Go On Donations Raised Via A Personal Fundraising Page?

All donations raised by fundraisers go into the donation processing account you specify in the Site Settings of your CauseVox admin.

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