Recurring donations are available on any campaign that uses Stripe for their donation processing, and they allow donors to choose to make their donation on a monthly basis at whichever amount they first choose.

When Recurring Donors Are Charged?

Recurring donors will be charged the same day of the month they first completed their first donation.

Recurring Donation Receipts

When a recurring donor completes their first donation, they will receive a donation receipt for the amount they donated that day. Every month going forward they'll be automatically sent a receipt after every transaction is processed.

How Donations Reflect Toward The Campaign Goal?

As their donation is processed each month, the funds donated will reflect towards the campaign goal.

Note: Donation tipping only works on the first recurring donation at this time, the tip amount won't be added to the following recurring donations.

Failed Recurring Donations

Should a recurring donation fail, (you'll see this in your Stripe account), we recommend reaching out to the donor and getting their updated credit card information. Once received, you can login to Stripe, find their customer profile, and update the credit card. Then, monthly giving will proceed as scheduled!

How To Delete A Recurring Donation

See our article here on How To Manage Recurring Donations.

What Happens To Recurring Donations When A Campaign Ends?

When a campaign ends or is turned offline, donations are still automatically processed until you delete their donor profile.

Recurring donations also cannot be processed if your account is suspended or cancelled.

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