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Sell Tickets For Your Event With Integrated Ticketing
Sell Tickets For Your Event With Integrated Ticketing
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Integrated ticketing helps you simplify your fundraising. You can easily drive your supporters to a single fundraising site for event ticketing, donations, and peer-to-peer fundraising!

Sell tickets to your event on any site. Plus, you'll have quick access to your guest list and their contact details in the backend - making managing and reporting easy.

Name agnostic event ticketing forms help you run fundraising better including:

  • Galas, luncheons

  • Races, walks, runs

  • Walk-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, etc.

  • Karaoke events

  • Tournaments: trivia, gaming, sporting events, etc.

  • Product fundraisers: selling products, raffle tickets, etc.

  • + more!

Sell Tickets Easily Right On Your Fundraising Site

Here’s a preview of how our integrated ticketing works below:

Your event ticket button will be displayed prominently next to the Donate and Peer-to-Peer Sign Up buttons on your fundraising site.

The quick, 2-page form is fast and simple to complete!

Step 1: Select ticket quantities and apply any promo codes.

Step 2: Participants enter their contact information and the contact information for each individual ticket holder.

Your participants can enter in ticket holder contact info (first name, last name, email address).

Step 3: Add the credit card information and purchase!

Our 75% faster form processes the payment quickly and provides a friendly confirmation of the successful payment.

With easy ticketing setup and management, you'll be able to run the best event possible, while making it easier for your supporters to purchase tickets and attend.

Here are a few benefits of CauseVox Ticketing:

  • Quick 2-page form.

  • Set your own promo codes.

  • Set multiple ticketing tiers and quantities.

  • Add custom questions for your buyers and ticket holders.

  • Set up tier-specific, custom receipting.

  • 75% faster loading ticketing forms to sell more tickets.

  • Have a free-standing ticketing page (similar to donation pages).

  • Sell free or paid tickets on any campaign.

CauseVox Ticketing gives your participants the easiest experience, helping you increase your ticket sales and get more event attendees with no hassle.


With easy customization of your ticketing form, you'll be able to set up a form custom-fit for your event needs within minutes - no coding required.

Easily custom brand your event form:

  • The form is name and description agnostic so you can use the form for any event fundraising including seated events, raffles, selling items, etc.

  • Add a title and subtitle to the ticketing form.

  • Embed ticketing forms on your website to sell more tickets.

  • Display your event ticket button on peer-to-peer, team and organization pages.

  • Keep the same campaign theme color on your ticketing form (if connected to a campaign site).


Simplify your reporting by using one interface to track registrations, donation, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

Save time on admin and house all of your fundraising and ticketing under one roof:

  • Instant email notifications on ticket orders.

  • View ticket/order listings in the backend for easy admin.

  • View all attendee contact details, including name and email at a glance.

  • Track registrations, donations, and peer-to-peer fundraising in one reporting interface.


CauseVox Integrated Ticketing is available on any paid plan. Here's a breakdown of the platform fee based on ticket type:

  • Paid tickets: 2% + $1 per ticket

  • Free tickets: 0% + $0 per ticket

Donation tipping is not available to cover the fees.

Book a 1-1 demo to see how our Integrated Ticketing can help you raise more through your virtual event.

For more information on how to implement the new template for your upcoming virtual fundraising events, contact [email protected].

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