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Advantages of the CauseVox Donation Form (Legacy)
Advantages of the CauseVox Donation Form (Legacy)

How the CauseVox Donation Page works to help you convert more donors.

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A good donation form can do more than just take a donation. It can increase both your number of donors and the size of their donations. 

More than half of donors worldwide prefer to give online with a credit or debit card, so your online donation page can’t just be an afterthought.

And lately, recent trends show an even bigger push toward mobile payments. In fact, consider these statistics:

  • 54% of consumers have used a mobile wallet to make a payment.

  • This represents around a 40% growth in mobile payments year-over-year.

  • And out of all, CauseVox mobile web traffic continues to grow each year.

Get more donations with CauseVox's advanced donation form:

Easily Embeddable on Your Website

With CauseVox, you get smart donation forms that are easily embeddable onto your website to increase giving daily. Embed your donation page as a pop-up, or an on-page embed.

Here's a look at the pop-up embed:

Here's a look at the on-page embed:

Pre-selected Donation Tiers

One-time and recurring donors can choose from one of the customizable, pre-selected donation tiers, and have the option to cover platform fees. 

Plus, you can set up recurring donations, or even make them mandatory by running recurring-driven campaigns and donation pages. Recurring giving increases the donor’s lifetime value, which is tracked in our Fundraising CRM.

Rearrangeable Tiers

Our flexible tiers give you the option to rearrange the order of your tiers to highlight specific tier amounts and optimize donation size. You can order the amounts from greatest to least, least to greatest or an order that is specific to your needs!


Your CauseVox donation page is mobile and conversion-optimized, allowing your donors to give on any device, using their preferred payment method, including Apple or Google Pay

No need to dig out a credit card, making donating online easier than ever. Apple and Google Pay options are automatically added on your donation page when you process donations through Stripe.

Two-Step Donation Process

Our digital-marketing powered forms do all the work for your donors, giving them an easy, two-step process that’s optimized for conversion. It takes donors one minute from start to finish!

Quick Forms

Hide optional sections, like postal information to reduce form fields by 46%. Less fields means less time, which means happier donors making more donations!

Here’s a look at the donation with the postal address enabled:

Here’s a look at the donation form with the postal address disabled:

Smart Forms

CauseVox donation forms remember and pre-fill information from returning donors. Let's say a donor navigates to your donation page and begins a donation. They get distracted, but come back later to complete their donation. They can pick up right where they left off with smart forms!

Easy Admin

CauseVox donation pages help make it easy to manage donations with:

  • Automated donation receipts you can customize to be up to tax-deductible standards

  • Automatic donor tracking in the Fundraising CRM

  • Easy reporting with simple donation downloads

  • Easy donation management right from within CauseVox

This way, we can save you time on administrative tasks, so you can spend more time nurturing donors.

Fraud Detection Algorithm

Across the internet, unfortunately, there’s been an increased number of security breaches, leaving many people’s credit cards vulnerable.

With this, we saw an increase of stolen cards being tested through organization’s campaigns, leaving organizations liable for fraudulent charges.

So, we also implemented a new fraudulent transaction detection feature with an active prevention algorithm that detects fraudulent users and blocks them.

You can be sure that your organization always collects real donations, and you can fundraise with confidence. This works automatically behind the scenes for all donations.

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