In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a CauseVox Admin account, customize your campaign site, and get it setup to take donations. This is a quick overview guide.

Note: See below for Fundraising Settings best practices.

Set Up Your Campaign

Step 1: Register for a CauseVox Admin account on, with your email and password.

Note: Your password must be 6 characters long.

Step 2: Select your plan type and Continue to Dashboard.

You will have a 7 day free trial of any paid plan. After you've completed your account setup, you can navigate to your Billing page to add your credit card information so you can continue to receive donations after the 7 day trial.

You can also sign up for our FREE Basic plan. You can raise funds for free forever on CauseVox if you want!

You will be taken to your Home screen where you can add a default payment processor for the account.

Note: See Step 6 for how to connect your payment processor through the campaign settings.

Step 3: Under Settings, select general to fill out your organization information including, name, contact information, website and invoice email.

Step 4: Under Campaigns (folder icon), select Create New in the top right.

Fill in a title for your campaign. Then select your fundraising type. You can choose from Crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Donation Forms, and Ticketing.

Your fundraising campaign on CauseVox contains several components. They include:

  • Fundraising website

  • Donation form

  • Ticketing form

Your Global settings will be applied to the three fundraising components listed above.

These serve as the building blocks of your fundraising, which gives your campaign flexibility to match your fundraising needs. Each component and can enabled or disabled independently.

Step 5: Under Global, select General Settings.

Edit the Campaign Title and Time Zone using the dropdown menu and Save.

Step 6: Select Payment Processing, to connect your existing Stripe account automatically, select your currency and Save.

You can also create a Stripe account through the link if you don't already have one.

Note: Learn more about donation processing with Stripe and PayPal to determine which is best for your organization.

Step 7: Select Settings Home in the top navigation to return to the campaign settings.

Under Fundraising Website, select General Settings.

The fundraising site url is automatically populated as the website link for your campaign site. You can delete and customize the url, also removing any numbers that auto-populated at the end.

On our Standard plan and above, you can also set up a custom domain to remove from the url.

Step 8: Use the left navigation to continue editing the rest of your fundraising site settings including:

These settings can also be accessed on the Setting Home page.

Step 9 (Recommended): Navigate back to your Settings Home page to set up your Peer-to-peer settings.

Using Peer-to-peer fundraising helps organization raise up to 2x the funds and acquire new donors. Team pages are available on the Standard plan and above.

Step 10: Select Design Site at the top to design your fundraising site. You can also access the Design Editor on the Settings Home page.

In the Design Editor, you can edit the colors, logo, and media on your fundraising site. Scroll down to edit the appeal text on your site.

Step 11: Navigate back to your Settings Home page to set up your Donation Form.

Step 12: Use the navigation to continue editing the rest of your Donation Form settings including:

Step 13 (Optional): Navigate back to Settings Home to set up the ticketing form.

Selling event tickets is available on the Standard plan and above.

Enable Your Campaign

Once you are 100% completed with setup, put the site online by Enabling your campaign components.

You can also preview the campaign at any time while the site is still disabled by selecting Preview Site.

Note: You will need to Enable the Donation Form and Ticketing Form in order to view the tiers on your Fundraising Site preview.

Track Campaign Setup Progress

Select View Guide to track the campaign setup progress. The Campaign Guide is a centralized place to view your campaign checklist and access site settings to complete setup steps.

Ideally you will launch your campaign when all of the campaign setup steps are 100% complete.

Best Practices

The type of fundraising components you enable depend on the type of campaign you are running. Learn more about the different fundraising types.

Create an isolated Donation Form to:

  • Embed a general donation form on your website to convert more donors, and/or optimize for monthly recurring gifts

Create a Fundraising Site with Peer-to-Peer pages for:

  • Virtual events like galas, + walk-a-thons

  • Ongoing DIY campaigns

  • Capital campaigns

  • Matching gift campaigns

  • + more

Create a Ticketing Form for:

  • Virtual events, raffles, walk-a-thons

Note: Check out our 150+ Fundraising Ideas for your next campaign.

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