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Overview: Campaigns, Sites & Forms
Overview: Campaigns, Sites & Forms
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Fundraising is an essential activity for organizations, and having an exceptional online giving experience has never been more important.

At CauseVox we've made it easy to run all of your digital fundraising in one place without any technical experience. Below is a brief overview of our fundraising lexicon to get started on CauseVox.

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What Is A Campaign?

A campaign is a fundraising use case for your nonprofit. You can also think of it as a container for your fundraising. The campaign holds all of your fundraising components including any sites or forms used to run the fundraising campaign.

Your campaign is broken down into three buckets:

  • Site

  • Donation Form

  • Ticketing Form

Let's look at each component to see how they fit into your fundraising.

What Is A Site?

A site is the fundraising website that gives your campaign an online presence. It's a customizable, brand-centric website for your fundraising use case and includes mobile-optimized forms that drive new donors and supporter engagement.

The fundraising site is the central place for all of your fundraising activities including taking donations, selling tickets, taking registrations and sharing your story.

The site is hosted on CauseVox and can be linked to your organization's website, or used as standalone fundraising site by sharing the unique URL.

You can create a site for any fundraising use case. Some examples include but are not limited to:

Review our collection of support articles for creating sites to get started.

What Is A Form?

The form is the specific form through which transactions are processed whether making a donation or buying a ticket. There are two types of forms:

Donation Form

Donation forms are branded, streamlined, mobile-first forms that allow your donors to easily give to your organization on any device. They can be integrated on your fundraising sites or embedded directly onto your website and used as your general donation form.

Donation forms are best used to take donations everyday by embedding or linking them to your website or directly into your email communications to donors.

Donation forms can include any number of donation elements such as:

There are two different types of donation form functionalities:

  1. Straight donations: This is when the donor processes one donation per transaction. The donor can select either a one-time donation, a recurring donation or a pledge donation, complete their information and then pay.

  2. Donation cart donations: The donation cart allows donors to process multiple donations in one transaction by collecting and managing multiple donation items in their "virtual shopping cart" before proceeding to checkout. Donation carts are helpful when processing donations toward multiple personal, team or organization pages on one campaign.

Here's an example of a straight donation transaction:

Here's an example of a donation cart transaction:

Ticketing Form

Ticketing forms are branded, streamlined, mobile-first forms that allow your supporters and event participants to purchase tickets directly on your fundraising site. These forms can also be embedded on your website to help increase ticket sales.

When planning fundraising events, the ticketing form becomes indispensable. Its primary function is to facilitate ticket sales, drive engagement, and enhance event attendance.

The advantage of these forms is their flexibility. They can be seamlessly integrated into your fundraising website, embedded directly on your organization's site, or function as standalone webpages with unique URLs.

Ticketing forms can include any number of ticketing elements such as:

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